Request Maintenance

The Residential Tenancy Act states an urgent repair is an essential service that ceases to function. For example, if the water, sewerage, grey water and sullage or electricity supplies, or hot water service ceases to function or there is damage to the property which makes it unsafe/unsecured or may cause injury.

For non-urgent repairs, please send an email to your property manager. In the case of urgent maintenance issues during office hours, please call your property manager directly or contact our office on (08) 9481 4962.

For emergency repairs outside of office hours, send an SMS to your property manager. If you are unable to reach your property manager, refer to the list below for our recommended out-of-hours contractors.

In the event of being locked out of your property outside of office hours, get in touch with one of the recommended locksmiths listed below. This is not considered an emergency and you will be responsible for the account.

Please note – if the issue is deemed not to be an emergency, you will be responsible for the account.

Our contacts for after hours repairs

Lumos Electrical 0402 604 363
Goods Electrical 1300 333 477 or 0427 201 209

Plumbing Bros (08) 62630500 or 0499 745 110
Goods Plumbing 1300 333 477 or 0427 201 209

Guv’nor Locksmith (08) 6555 7792
Amco Locksmith (08) 9444 2089