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Desirable Property, Deserves Premium Management.


A database is important. At Mack Hall Real Estate, we understand this. That’s why our database is categorised and fine tuned to ensure our properties are seen by as many prospective tenants as possible. Our Leasing Executives will show our properties, achieve interest and provide our owners with a selection of the most suitable tenants.

Our properties are not only tenanted efficiently but also in detail, ensuring properties are cared for, as they should be.

Executive Property Management.

Communication is key and our Leasing Executives are trained in it. Being specialists in Executive Property Management means our team is equipped with the skills to manage the tenancy of properties, ensuring the owner’s investment is not only getting the finest return but also the finest care.

This level of specialty only comes from those with a deep understanding in the management of fine homes. Our team is made of individuals of vast knowledge, experience and understanding toward property. This leads to a record of top return and short days on market whilst ensuring properties are managed like they’re our own.


Understanding our owners goals is paramount. Regular rental reviews ensure maximum return on their property, while constant collaboration between our team ensures our owners are provided with the most premium of managed services.

Our trust accounting system is managed with a fine-toothed comb. Providing daily rent receipting and payment of all outgoings; giving our owners a clear understanding of the financials’ associated with their property. Monthly landlord statements are provided along side rental payments direct to our owners nominated accounts.


To experience executive management, our owners have signed a Management Agency (MA) with us. This document is a contract that stipulates the matters in which we may act on their behalf and in what manner. The agreement is a standard document but as with any contract, should be read through carefully.

Our owners are required to provide documentation to enable us to confirm ownership of the property. Best practice is the foundation to a premium service, to prevent real estate fraud, we operate under the guidelines of the Western Australian Department of Mines, Industry and Safety.

What Our Clients Say

Attracting The Right Tenant.

Our Leasing Executives match people to property. That is no small feat. Ensuring effective strategy is used along side a premium, catered service to our owners, keeps our properties tenanted and cared for at the highest regard. Our tuned processes attract maximum rental return and quality tenure, in minimal time.
This is Executive Property Management at Mack Hall Real Estate.

A tailored service to our Owners. Focused on their individual and property needs.

A refined marketing approach, ensuring maximum reach.

A database of fine tenants, who look for that feeling of home.

Choose the Specialists in the Management of Fine Homes.

Our service provides owners with executive management strategies.

Tailored Marketing Approaches.

  • Professional Photos and Floor Plans
  • Premier listings across all key online portals
  • For Lease signage and outdoor advertisement
  • Social Media and Newspaper advertising
  • Property viewings and private inspections

Communication is at our Core.

  • Clear communication to both our Owners and Tenants
  • Thorough inspections with clear reporting
  • Maintenance is routinely inspected and attended to at the highest quality
  • Rental payments are reported and if required, followed up on.
  • The payments of rates, taxes and Land Lord Insurance is cared for, by us.

Aspects We Consider.


In order to protect one of our Clients biggest assets, we ensure they have appropriate and adequate building and contents insurance. Our Clients are strongly recommended to have landlord insurance to cover public liability, malicious damage and loss of rent. This type of insurance is commonplace and while many insurers provide it, the policies do differ. Our team are well educated in offering their assistance as to what may be best to our Clients.


Dependent on the age of our Clients investment property and the category of repairs or replacements that take place, preparation of a depreciation schedule may be warranted. This report can assist investors to claim back thousands in tax deductions and the cost of the report’s preparation is fully tax deductible.

3.Preparing your property

Ensuring our Clients property is at its finest is a method we take to ensure a smooth tenancy. Not only this but it ensures our Clients property remains at its highest value. In keeping a fine presentation, we ensure that the attendance to maintenance and cleanliness of the property are catered to. This a premium service we provide our clients as standard, arranging all required efforts to keep the property at its prime.