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Alastair Baird-Murray

Alastair  Baird-Murray

Alastair Baird-Murray
Sales Executive
0417 789 351

Applecross Office

41A Ardross Street, Applecross, W.A 6153
PO Box 7100,
Applecross North, W.A. 6153,

Ph : (08) 9364 9560

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Alastair’s well-deserved reputation as a master networker has come from over 20 years of sales experience. Alastair’s negotiation skills have led him to have one of the most impressive “list to sell” ratios in the area.
Having been part of the community for over a decade, Alastair loves the whole area and his knowledge of the local market is outstanding! Moreover, he sets the benchmark in surrounding suburbs with premium sales achieved at every price point.
Alastair’s particular saying is: “You are welcome.” That is, he is so confident and proud of his reputation that you are welcome to ask any of his previous or current clients about how happy they are with his service, knowledge of the market, time to sale, and sale price.
He always goes above and beyond. His local home opens often become incredible community events, with everything from animal farms and face painting to fashion parades and luxury car shows. He has even been known to organize a helicopter so potential buyers could observe the property from above. As his clients say, “Alastair always manages to take it to the next level.”
Recently, Alastair has even been called upon to sell the homes of other real estate agency owners. He has earned the trust of his neighbours and has already sold multiple homes in his own street. Take a look at the figures below to see some of his successes!
He always makes a commitment to give 110% when selling a client’s home or property. This dedication shows in his amazing results of usually selling within six weeks or less.
Alastair is a devoted family man who loves to help in the community and assists various charities. He will be delighted to receive your call or email to help with any real estate matter.
Some notable Applecross sales are below:

• Alness Street - 11 (Sold Twice), 12,18, 19, 27, 38, 43b, 47a, 52b, 56a
• Ardross Street - 106 and 44
• Canning Beach Road – 43a (Sold Twice) , 1402 (Raffles)
• Conon Road – 2a
• Duncraig Road – 26, 38, 43 (Sold Twice), 47 (Sold Twice), 67
• Dunvegan Road – 18, 23
• Flanagan Road - 1
• Fletcher Street - 2-21
• Fourth Avenue – 6a
• Fraser Road - 29
• Gairloch Street - 38, 53, 53a
• Grosse Road – 4a
• Jane Road – 1/2
• Kinross Road - 19
• Kintail Road – 45a
• Macrae Road – 11c, 27, 4-43
• Macleod Road - 35
• Matheson Road - 61a, 69, 79a (Sold twice), 79b, 80b, 82, 97a
• Nisbet Road – 17a
• Reynolds Road - 25
• Strome Road - 15, 38
• Tain Street – 48b
• Tweeddale Road – 2/15

Please call Alastair for the list of properties sold in Mount Pleasant, Attadale and surrounding suburbs from $500,000 to Multimillion dollar waterfront property sales.