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Suburb Information - Wembley Downs

The name "Wembley Downs" was derived from the local golf course. In 1927 the area was subdivided into approximately 90 lots. Growth accelerated in the 1950's and by the 1970's the area was almost completely developed.

Residential dwellings within Wembley Downs are mainly single houses on large individual lots. However, a substantial number of duplexes have been established in recent years as a result of the growing popularity of infill development. All types of residential dwellings in Wembley Downs are usually built of brick, though the design of houses varies considerably. Many buildings from the 1960's are of the International style and there are also examples of houses of almost every design genre from the 1950's to the present.

The primary commercial and retail centre in Wembley Downs is "The Downs", with Floreat shopping centre only being 2kms away. Education needs are served by Wembley Downs Primary School and Holy Spirit (on border of City Beach), a state high school in Churchlands, and the private schools of Newman College (Doubleview Campus) and Hale School.

The suburb is well provided with public open space. The most notable reserve is the Wembley Golf Complex and A.S. Luketina Reserve and the Empire Avenue Reserve provide facilities for a range of recreational pursuits including tennis and football. The suburb lies only 3 kms to the Indian Ocean, 12 kms to Perth City and enjoys undulating topograhy affording ocean views for some occupants. Wembley Downs is a VERY safe place to live.