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Suburb Information - Innaloo

The Innaloo locality was originally referred to as "Njookenbooroo". This is believed to have been derived from the Aboriginal name for Herdsman Lake or a nearby swamp and was adopted in 1927. Subdivision in northern Innaloo was approved in 1898. The southern section was subdivided in 1916, though demand was not high. A map drafted in the early 1920's indicates that only ten houses had been built in the region, with the majority of land used for grazing. In 1927, the names of the school and post office were changed to "Innaloo" after the local Progress Association requested a name change. Extensive development in the area began in the 1940's, with street names taken from Greek mythology and the passenger list from the ship "Rockingham".<BR><BR>Residences in Innaloo are primarily single detached homes erected around the time of World War II. Most of these buildings are of timber frame construction and reflect post-war design standards. Innaloo also contains a scattering of duplex homes and recently constructed units, which are gradually replacing the older housing stock. The majority of these newer dwellings are of brick and tile construction and modern design.<BR><BR>The Innaloo City Centre is part of the Stirling Regional Centre and contains commercial and retail facilities which service both the local population and the surrounding region. The centre is located on Scarborough Beach Road and includes shopping and community facilities, as well as restaurants and The Greater Union cinema complex in neighbouring Woodlands. Many small parks are located in Innaloo, with Birralee Park containing a range of sporting facilities and Yalumba Park offering lawn bowls and tennis. The area also hosts a recreation centre and two primary schools to serve education needs.