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Suburb Information - Fremantle

Fremantle lives in harmony with its past and its history. Situated on the mouth of the Swan River, just 19kms from Perth, Fremantle has been described as the world’s best preserved 19th century seaport. It is a vibrant, living port City that has managed to move into the high technology age without losing one iota of its heritage. Tall ships berth here and the buildings and ambiance are much the same throughout the last century and a half.

The Fremantle Harbour is an integral part of the City with large container freighters lowering over car showrooms, boutiques, vegetable stores, restaurants and pubs. Restaurants line the estuary and harbour – people enjoy gourmet cuisine, or fish and chips, and watch the world go by through the harbour. Pavement cafes, pubs restored to their original state and selling locally brewed traditional ales and beers, antique shops, some of the best bookshops in WA, boutiques, wide variety of contemporary art galleries, museums and the waterfront make up the great charm of Fremantle.

Attractions include the Fremantle Market, Fremantle Prison, Fremantle Art Centre and Museum.