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Suburb Information - Crawley

Delightful Crawley... Matilda Bay unravelling as you stroll along the foreshore gazing out Citywards. In the middle distance, yachts bob on the Swan and dolphins tease in and out watched only by joggers and fisherfolk. The Old Swan Brewery towers majestically over the scene, and on the western border is the esteemed University of Western Australia, recently acclaimed as a centre of excellence in the Asia-Pacific region. The residents of the Crawley/King’s Park precinct enjoy being bounded by King’s Park and the beautiful Swan River with delightful tree-lined streetscapes, an absolute abundance of bird life and beautiful national walking paths. This tiny precinct is surely one of Perth’s best kept secrets.<br><br> Most of the land comprising the suburb of Crawley was acquired by Henry Charles Sutherland, one of the colony's first surveyors in 1837. Sutherland named his property "Crawley" after his mother's maiden name (Anna Crawley). The land was later purchased by Sir George Shenton who bequeathed much of it to the University of Western Australia.